At Our Redeemer Lutheran School, we strongly believe that Christian education is not a commodity. It's a ministry. It's a commitment. It's a connection - a connection between your child's needs and your family philosophy and our philosophy.

That's why at Our Redeemer Lutheran School, the first and most important consideration is what is best educationally for your child. All other considerations are secondary.

But money IS important, and tuition is an investment into the life of your child. That's why Our Redeemer Lutheran School has a robust program of need-based scholarships and financial aid available to assist families who demonstrate a financial need through the TADS process. TADS is an on-line, 3rd party vendor that is highly confidential. Their goal is to assist in determining a financial need for our current and new families. Our Admissions Team will be glad to fill you in with all the details and answer any questions you have about tuition and financial aid. We want to make Christian education possible for every family that believes in our vision and values, in a way that is fair to all.

Qualifying families receive up to $75,000 in financial aid each year to attend Our Redeemer Lutheran School.  Our funds are received from Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, the Lutheran Elementary Schools Association (LESA), and raised through various fundraising efforts.

For current tuition rates, please call the school office (314) 427-3444 to schedule an Educational Success Consultation. Our Financial Administrator will be glad to fill you in with all the details and you are welcome to address your tuition and financial aid questions during your visit. We look forward to working together.